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There is not a more difficult, emotionally charged claim than one involving the sexual violation of an individual. The decision to pursue a claim for sexual assault or abuse must be made in a calm environment and warrants careful considered.

In some cases, primarily where the perpetrator of a sexual assault is in a position of authority or control over the victim, there may be no time limit preventing the commencement of a Court proceeding and claims may be brought forward long after the events giving rise to them. Such cases may include sexual abuse by a teacher, parent, adult relative, member of the clergy, athletic coach, Scout or Girl Guide leader or adult family friend.

The damage to the individual stemming from sexual abuse often include loss of education opportunities, inability to trust others and in particular persons in authority, loss of family relationships, loss of self esteem, loss of the ability to effectively engage in mature inter-personal relationships, inability to secure and maintain employment, drug abuse, uncontrolled sexual promiscuity, substance abuse and many other forms of self-destructive behaviour.

Sexual assault and abuse claims have unique characteristics that require particular attention to detail and careful and thorough preparation.

If you, a friend or loved one has been a victim of a sexual assault or sexual abuse and is considering taking legal action call the Law Office of Samuel A. Mossman for a completely confidential interview. You will be treated kindly and respectfully and given sound, thoughtful legal advice based on long experience.

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