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Samuel Mossman

When you feel that your marriage or “common law” union is about to fall apart and you have exhausted ways to salvage it you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to fully understand the consequences of separation and divorce and to strategically plan how to best deal with your particular situation.

Samuel A. Mossman has extensive experience in all aspects of family law and divorce and has been counsel in numerous cases involving complex property valuation and financial issues.

When you need a lawyer for a family law matter you need someone who is:

  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable
  • Insightful
  • Objective
  • Informative

When you retain the Law Office of Samuel A. Mossman you will get:

  • Listen to you
  • Give careful consideration to your unique legal situation
  • Give you practical, considered advice
  • Advocate for you effectively and forcefully
  • Consider all reasonable options to resolve your legal problems through negotiation, mediation, or in the Courtroom, as your particular circumstances may require

Quality legal representation will save you time, grief and money.


If you are about to marry or enter into a cohabitation arrangement, in particular in the case of a second relationship or when you have already accumulated significant assets, you should consult with a lawyer about the advisability of having a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement. Such a contract can save you thousands of dollars should your new relationship fail. Samuel A. Mossman has negotiated many such agreements and brings a thoughtful approach to the process creating unique solutions for individual situations.

If you find yourself or someone you care about in need of a lawyer to discuss a family law problem call the Law Office of Samuel A. Mossman to arrange for a consultation.

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